Chappelle Pharmasave now offers RT-PCR COVID TESTING

Chappelle Pharmasave now offers RT-PCR COVID TESTING

Pharmasave Chappelle now offers RT-PCR COVID TESTING

RT-PCR COVID-19 testing is required for travel to many international destinations including Africa, Asia, South Africa, India, Pakistan, Australia, and many more.
Please call 780-250 2494 to book your PCR test. We also offer walk-in services for emergency travelers. The turnaround time for the test results is approximately 6-24 hours.

We cannot guarantee what the travel restrictions and requirements are for each airline and/or country.
Please contact your airline or travel agent to confirm test types and time requirements before booking your appointment.

    Complete and Submit the below information to get your RT-PCR TEST for International Travel.

    The results available in 12-24 hours, please plan your appointment accordingly. Call 780-250 2494 for emergency travel and to get the results within 3-6 hours

    Business Hours: Mon-Fri 09:00-20:00; Sat & Sun: 10:00-17:00. Please ensure that you have provided the correct email address. We will send you updates and reminders to this email and texts to your mobile phone.

    If it is an emergency trip and you need the PCR test now, please call 780-250 2494, we offer walk-in RT-PCR testing for emergencies. If you have trouble filling the form, please email:

    Please be advised that Results are typically ready (but not guaranteed) within 24 hours of collection. Each test performed produces a travel certificate. RT-PCR (Nasal swab) is the testing methodology that we use to test for COVID-19. We will not alter specimen collection times/testing results.