Stay Warm – Protect Your Heart – Chappelle Pharmasave Pharmacy

Stay Warm – Protect Your Heart – Chappelle Pharmasave Pharmacy

As the extreme cold is hitting Edmonton, the risks of being exposed to the extreme cold are numerous and dangerous. Stay Warm – Stay Safe.

Frostbite. This results from cold temperatures damaging parts of your body, most often your ears, nose, cheeks, chin, fingers, and toes.

Frostbitten skin may look white or gray and can feel hard or waxy. Blisters can form. You may also have trouble moving that part of your body. In severe cases, the skin will turn black.

Hypothermia. This condition occurs when your body temperature drops below 35˚C. This results from your body losing more heat than it can make, such as when you are exposed to cold or water.

Hypothermia can show up as shivering, clumsiness, confusion, tiredness, or urinating more than usual. If not treated quickly, hypothermia can cause severe health problems, including death.

Heart problems. Cold weather can increase your risk of a heart attack. When you’re outside in the cold, your heart works harder to keep you warm — leading to increased heart rate and blood pressure.

This can cause heart problems, especially if you have an existing heart condition. If you aren’t used to regular exercise, strenuous activities like shoveling snow may put you at risk for a heart attack.


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