Tips for Making Your Mask Work

Tips for Making Your Mask Work

Exercise care when donning your mask

  • Always wash your hands first.
  • Don’t touch the fabric part of the mask. Use the ear loops or ties to secure your mask and to remove it.
  • If your mask has pleats, the folded side should be down.

Choose the right mask for you

  • Pick a mask with at least two layers.
  • Hold your mask up to the light to see how much light gets through. The less light, the better.
  • Skip masks with respirator valves. It won’t protect others and it may not protect you.
  • Shop around to find a comfortable, breathable mask. The best mask is the one that you will wear.

Fit your mask properly

  • The mask should cover your face from the bridge of your nose to under your chin. It should stretch about halfway or more toward your ears with no gaps.
  • Pull the ties and loops so that it fits as snugly as possible against your face.

Keep your glasses clear

  • Try to seal the top of your mask. Some masks have built-in, bendable metal strips that you can mold to the bridge of your nose. Medical tape can also help.
  • Try an anti-fog treatment for lenses. A wash with soapy water has also been shown to help.
  • Pull your mask up under your glasses, so the weight of the frames holds it down.

From NY times


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